Pressure Sensitive LabelsYour product’s label is so important to the success of both the product and your company that it should be given careful consideration from the very outset of product development. The label tells your story to the consumer and you only have a few seconds to tell it. Don’t waste this valuable space with a pressure sensitive label that does not announce powerfully what is special about your product.

In this day and age you can find a multitude of companies online who advertise “stickers.” But you know what is missing from those sites?  The expert advice you need to develop a professional label that lasts through the supply chain to the consumer. A pressure sensitive label is made up of 3 to 4 components: the substrate, the adhesive, lamination and liner and all have an impact on label choice.

To help you along during the label selection process, I have identified 3 key areas of consideration when choosing a pressure sensitive label for your product.

  • What is the label going on?
  • What conditions is the label going to experience?
  • How do you want the label to look and feel?

What type of package the label is going to be placed on will be a starting point in your selection. It is round or square? Is it going on something flat or bumpy? Glass or plastic?  How is the label going to be applied – by hand or machine? We can help you understand what materials will work best with your substrate material.

Knowing what conditions the pressure sensitive label will undergo is your next determining factor. Will it come in contact with water? Spends periods of time in a freezer or in direct sunlight? Does it need to wash off or be repositionable? Buy a label off the internet and you may find you have a label that turns from blue to white in the sun, or falls off in the freezer case.

And finally, you will want to select a material that clearly communicates your product story. Are you making small batch pickles? Maybe you choose a brown kraft label to communicate a hand-crafted product. If your product is going in a jar and is appealing to the eye you might want to select a clear, silk screened label. Matte materials can signal a higher-end product. And you will want the quality of the printing represents your brand standards.

You can see that selecting a pressure sensitive label is more detailed than clicking a button to add a product to a cart. Interested in having a discussion with a label expert on what your product needs are or receiving samples of the different materials? Give us a call or email!