Sustainable Packaging

Here at Label Technology we define sustainable packaging as one with the lowest environmental impact that still provides the functionality and performance required to market the product within.

And we offer sustainable packaging options in three categories to solve your flexible packaging, pouch, and pressure sensitive label needs.

custom flexible packaging rollstock

TERRAIN™: Packaging made from compostable materials.

Our TERRAIN family of products includes flexible packaging, pouches, and pressure sensitive labels comprised of individually certified compostable materials.

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custom flexible packaging - bar wraps

RENEW™: Packaging that supports recycling.

The RENEW family of packaging utilizes materials that support recycling in existing recycling streams. A pouch from a single source material that can be recycled at the grocery store or a pressure sensitive label adhesive that washes off in the recycling process are examples of packaging that will support your brand’s commitment to sustainability.

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custom flexible packaging - tea wraps

SUSTAIN™: Packaging built from sustainable materials.

An easy transition from conventional materials, SUSTAIN is packaging that has some aspect of sustainability in their manufacturing process or makeup. This could include a bar wrapper with a layer of 100% post-consumer recycled paper or a pouch with a layer of compostable material. Ideas available today to move closer to a circular economy.

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Label Technology has been deep in researching sustainable packaging for more than a decade and we know it’s a hot topic for you. If you have questions, we have the answers; give us a call or email to discuss what options are available to you.

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