Compostable PackageAs a packaging company, we hear the request for compostable packaging all the time. No one wants to be known by what is left over after a product is consumed. We all know what that is—trash! So, the idea that a compostable package will perform all the necessary functions required and then be able to be disposed of in our community or household compost pile sounds like it solves that problem. (Cue – raucous applause and high fives.)

The good news is that we now are at a point where we have sustainable materials available for viable compostable packaging solutions. Remember, the main purpose of packaging is to protect the product it contains. In the case of food products, packaging must supply the optimum protection from moisture and oxygen for the length of time the product remains on the shelf and then in the consumer’s home. If it fails to do this (protect the product) not only does the packaging become trash but all the energy and resources that went into manufacturing the product are wasted as well.

It is easy to see how those two requirements—compostability and protection—can work against each other and why finding a workable solution was not easy. Lucky for all us there are material suppliers who have continued to test and develop compostable materials for packaging. Check out more information from Tipa Corporation and Futamura about the strides they have made with compostable packaging materials.

For certain applications, compostable film makes sense when taking into consideration the product, the market, and your business model. For other applications, a standard material structure will still be a better choice. We have more material options now to pursue a sustainable solution to meet your packaging needs than ever before.

Give us a call or email to discuss compostable and sustainable packaging options for your project! We love to talk about packaging, and compostable packaging even more! Read more about Label Technology’s sustainable efforts.