Our Commitment to Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable flexible packaging and pressure sensitive label sustainability are built into our business at Label Technology. Not just the way we run our business but also in the sustainable products we offer.

We operate under nine Guiding Principles, one of which directly addresses our responsibilities to the environment. This provides us with a focus for our sustainability efforts long term including pollution prevention, water conservation, energy use, and waste reduction.

Ask us for a detailed profile of our sustainability efforts.

Or you might be interested in reading more about products we offer in sustainable packaging. Our blog has many articles to review such as Compostable Packaging: Will it disappear? or learn more about Why a flexible packaging pouch is considered a sustainable solution.

Sustainable flexible packaging

If you are researching sustainable packaging options you will find that you have four options: conventional materials from hydrocarbon-based materials, films sourced from renewable materials, single-source films that can be recycled into current recycling streams, and packaging made from certified compostable materials.

Wow – really?  Compostable films? Problem solved! Let’s use those materials! Unfortunately, it is not that easy. Change never is.  For more information give us a call – we would be happy to provide you with the knowledge we have gained over the last decade. We will help you work towards a solution that meets both your sustainability and cost targets while providing the convenience, shelf-life and protection you are looking for your product’s sustainable and custom flexible packaging.

Now, the Nitty Gritty Details
About Sustainable Packaging

  • Your sustainability goals for your packaging
  • Product protection & shelf life
  • End of life and recycling stream scenarios
  • Renewable material availability
  • Your customer’s experience
  • To guide your material selection to meet sustainability, performance, and budget goals
  • To be at the forefront of testing new renewable materials
  • Sustainable practices throughout our company
  • Being honest with you about what material is available and how it will perform

Recyclable Materials

Packaging made from a single type of recyclable material which then can be easily recycled by consumers

Hydrocarbon Based Materials

Conventional films with proven protection, multi-layer structures, no recyclable, cost effective, readily available

Compostable Materials

Structures can be produced from certified compostable materials, but that does not translate into a certified compostable package

Renewable Films

Structures can be produced from materials made from renewable resources