You probably already know what this is*—the code that was supposed to revolutionize how people received information about a product by adding it to their label or packaging. Although around for years, it never really gained steam in the US because it required a third-party app on your phone. It seems the extra step of having to download an app throttled use of QR codes in the US. Do you use Snapcodes on Snapchat? Then you are already utilizing a QR code.

With the release of iOS 11** and no fanfare, Apple included the ability to read QR codes via the native camera app in your iPhone. You may think QR codes are an annoying marketing tool but they are really pretty useful in a wide variety of applications. You just scan the code to be sent to a website, watch a video, or get directions. Generate a QR code with your WIFI information and guests will no longer struggle to type in long complicated address and password.

QR Codes are easy to use! Just…

  1. Open the iPhone’s Camera app.
  2. Point your camera at a QR code.
  3. Notification banner pops up and you can easily join a wifi network or click over to YouTube to watch a video
  4. Try it right now with the QR code above

Think of the endless content you can provide beyond your packaging!

  • Tell the whole product or company story
  • Deep dive on ingredients, sourcing and allergen information
  • Regulatory information
  • Repurchase info
  • Recipes/Additional uses
  • Multi-language
  • Social engagement
  • Exclusive content
  • Loyalty programs

Heinz Ketchup brilliantly used a QR code to tell the important and topical story of their plant based bottle.

So, you might want to rethink your packaging design to include the newly cool QR code, and Label Technology would be happy to help you brainstorm ideas to bring valuable content to your customers. Ask us for more information!

*If you don’t know, QR codes are square pixel-looking images that include some bit of data, like a website URL, phone number, address, calendar data, and more. Scanning a code triggers an action such as visiting a website or adding a contact card to address book app.

**Not an Iphone user? You still have to download an app, but it would not be surprising if this feature added in the future.