Mastering Pressure Sensitive Label Design & Technology

Pressure sensitive labels pack such a powerful punch. It’s got to grab attention, endure environmental conditions, meet specific requirements, and proudly promote your brand.

Pressure Sensitive Labels

Pressure Sensitive Labels - Food Processing

Food Processing

We understand the importance of label content for food products including nutritional facts, ingredients, kosher food symbols, bar codes, and traceability. Your label must also withstand environmental factors such as temperature, moisture, and shelf life.

pressure sensitive labels - fresh cut produce

Fresh Cut Produce

Our vast experience converting labels for the produce industry means we are experts at determining the optimal materials and adhesives for your produce labeling requirements.

pressure sensitive labels - meat and poultry

Meat & Poultry

Our meat and poultry labels live up to the challenges of cold temperatures, moisture contact and irregularly shaped packages. Plus, our adhesives meet USDA regulations.

Pressure Sensitive Labels - Bottles and Jars

Bottles & Jars

The use of our pressure sensitive labels for bottles and jars continues to grow as a means to provide a high-performance, luxury look, while staying in step with environmental demands.

Pressure Sensitive Labels - Industrial labels

Industrial Labels

Designed to withstand temperatures, chemical exposure, and harsh environments, our industrial pressure sensitive labels can meet the requirements of your manufacturing environment.

Pressure Sensitive Labels - Thermal Labels

Thermal Labels

Label Technology offers both direct thermal and thermal transfer pressure sensitive labels to meet your production requirements. Direct thermal labels tend to fade over time while thermal transfer labels result in a more permanent image.


Our expertise in the business and passion for excellence makes us an ideal partner for those looking for the best possible pressure sensitive labels for their products. We understand your challenges, and we have the guts to push the boundaries to help your products rise above the rest.

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pressure sensitive label equipment

Making Pressure Sensitive Labels Happen

  • Film, foil or paper prime product labels
  • Up to 10 colors and rotary screen printing
  • Instant-redeemable coupons
  • Thermal transfer and direct thermal inventory control labels including bar codes and serial numbers
  • Outdoor exposure and durable goods labels
  • Specialty materials and laminations for unique applications

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Machine Systems

In addition to our printing capabilities, Label Technology supports our customers with pressure sensitive label printer and applicator sales, sequential bar code printing, and service for your labeling equipment.

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