Preformed Pouches Developed with Single Minded Focus on Every Single Detail

With a wide range of capabilities, our state-of-the-art preformed pouches machines, extensive expertise, and unmatched quality control procedures, we can supply the preformed pouch type, size, and construction your product requires.

Preformed Pouches

side seal flexible packaging pouches

2 and 3 Sided Seal

2 and 3 sided seal preformed pouches can be used for a wide range of food and non-food applications. No matter what you’re packaging, we can create a custom preformed pouch to fit your needs.

Flexible Packaging Pouches

Gusseted Pouches

The popularity of stand up gusseted pouches continues to grow and Label Technology is a leader in providing options and solutions for every product on the market that benefits from gusseted pouches.

Flexible Packaging Pouches round corners, special zippers

Finishing Touches

You might want a special zipper, unique hanger hole or rounded corners to make your preformed pouch stand out. Our experts can guide you to the best options to get the impact and performance you are looking for.


Looking for a unique look and feel for your new packaging? Or something simple? Let us help you deliver your vision for your preformed pouch.

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preformed pouches making equipment

Making Preformed Pouches Happen

  • Short and long runs produced completely in-house in California
  • Clear, metallized, high barrier & sustainable preformed pouches
  • Optional gussets, zippers, tear notches, & hanger holes
  • Our quality procedures immediately uncover poor quality seals or gussets and ensure your products have the necessary high barrier properties your product requires.

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And we do it faster, better, and easier.