Sustainable Pouch?

It’s true that almost all flexible packaging pouches that hold everything from rice to dog treats to prunes today are not yet easily recycled. Currently, consumer recycling streams are set up for single source materials, while flexible packaging pouches are multi-layer constructions. But pouches are a sustainable packaging choice when you look beyond recyclability to their total environmental impact.

When you compare pouches to conventional packaging such as glass or aluminum:

  • Consume less energy and fewer natural resources
  • Generate 45% less CO2 emissions
  • Result in higher product to package ratio
  • Require fewer trucks for transportation, using less fuel and creating less emissions

Flexible packaging pouches also provide the consumer with extended shelf life, easy storage, and recloseability.

FYI – Label Technology does offer a pouch made from a single source raw material which can be recycled – want to know why ALL pouches are not single source materials?  Give us a call – we love to talk about sustainability in packaging! And read more about our sustainable packaging.

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