Doodle Packaging designIt doesn’t matter how old you get; there’s something about the smell of chicken soup or the sight of a wrinkled paper bag lunch that reminds you of home. For a moment, you might be transported back to a simpler time, when you didn’t know what an inbox or a deadline was. What you did know is that inside that bowl of soup or that paper bag was a heaping portion of love whipped up from the heart. Wouldn’t it be amazing to experience that feeling more often?

A lot of consumers and brands seem to think so. According to Brand Packaging’s 2018 State of Industry Report, handmade and hand-designed packaging is once again one of the top trends, as people are craving more intimate connections with the brands that make their favorite products. One way to achieve that is through customization, Paula Grant, CEO of Flood Creative, told Brand Packaging.

“I think real art…and real craft make an impact,” Grant said. “Hand-drawn type, illustration, and custom artwork continue to add personality and premium cues to packaging.”

Custom lettering has become incredibly popular over the past decade, and calligraphers have become somewhat like rockstars on social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, amassing hundreds of thousands of followers who fawn after their art. According to The New Yorker, some people even visit their favorite artists’ accounts just to watch videos of them practice drawing letters.

“People want to see people doing human things,” calligrapher John Stevens told The New Yorker. “As so much is digital, I think the craft of calligraphy offers a window to humans making.”

The same could be said for hand-drawn doodles, which Creative Bloq predicts will become increasingly prominent on shelves across the world over the next year. As with custom lettering, consumers enjoy the little imperfections in handmade drawings because they make products seem more authentic. For example, if you’re selling handmade chocolate bars or granola, a shiny, plastic wrapper or bag may look out of place. Instead, printing a chalkboard font on a simple kraft paper wrapper or label will give the appearance that the snacks are freshly baked out of the kitchen.Kraft Label

Additionally, custom lettering and drawing can make your product seem artisanal without looking pretentious. This isn’t to say you want to be sloppy by any means. Instead, it’s a reminder that consumers, more than ever before, are looking beyond labels and evaluating a company’s overall set of values when purchasing a product. Is your brand committed to using sustainable and recyclable materials? Does your company value art and creativity? Are you willing to change your packaging and designs to reflect ever-evolving trends?

Kraft Bar WrapYou may be thinking, “There’s no way my business could possibly make the time to hand-craft each and every package for our products to appease customers.” We’re here to tell you that’s OK. No one truly expects companies to customize every label by hand. The time, energy, and effort would far exceed the profitability. However, Label Technology can work with your company to create labels, wrappers, and pouches that look just as lovely and thoughtful as something homemade.

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