Flexible Packaging PouchesWhen was the last time you packed a healthy snack like apple slices or a handful of nuts and brought it with you to work? Can’t remember? You’re not alone. With so many things on our daily to-do lists, from sending the kids to school with a full stomach in the morning to picking up the dry cleaning on the way home from the office, it can be hard to remember to eat lunch let alone take the time to prepare and pack something to munch on throughout the day.

Enter the preformed flexible packaging pouch, a brilliant product created with busy consumers in mind. These pouches can be shaped to fit a variety of products and are super flexible in terms of sizing. Interested in making and selling single-serve beverages or drinkable baby food? There’s a pouch for that! Plus, with the variety of additional features available, you can add fun things like spouts and straws to make quenching your thirst on the go a breeze.

Say, however; you’re in the mood for a multi-serving snack that you can keep in the car or at the office. You can now find some of your favorite products, such as granola and trail mix, in stand-up pouches ranging in size from 4 to 72 ounces.

Whatever you’re in the mood for, these flexible packages are the perfect addition for the person who’s always on the run. And, because these flexible packaging pouches are designed to keep out excess air, you can feel confident that whatever you’re munching on will be fresh from the get-go. Once you’re done, you can quickly reseal zippered pouches or roll and clip unsealable options.

Of course, pouches aren’t just for on-the-go foods. Businesses are now opting to use them in place of bulkier boxes for items like quinoa, beans, and cereal to make cooking at home even easier. The sleek packaging saves room in a cupboard while offering brands plenty of space to get creative with their designs for an overall visually appealing result.

Consumers are willing to pay for these benefits, too. According to Business Insider, the stand-up pouches market is currently worth approximately $36.58 billion worldwide. That number is expected to increase over the next four years substantially and could reach more than $51 billion by 2022. That’s an increase in more than $14 billion!

This growth makes sense considering six percent of people surveyed for Brand Packaging’s 2018 State of Industry Report reported that they believed pouches would be one of the most significant packaging trends during the calendar year, ranking it up there with branding identity, smart labels, and ways to be cost-effective.Flexible Packaging Pouches

While Business Insider notes that the food and beverage industry make up for the majority of the profits, other sectors are starting to opt for pouch packaging, too. You might be surprised to learn that you can find medical cannabis, nutritional supplements, and even makeup and toiletry items in both tear-only and zippered stand-up pouches. The possibilities really are endless, and we at Label Technology would love to help your company learn about how you, too, can find your perfect packaging fit.

We offer a variety of styles and options of flexible packaging pouches, including two- and three-sided seals, gusseted pouches, and zippers. Should you want to further spruce up your product, we can help you decide if you’d like to add features like hanger holes or rounded edges. To learn more, contact us by phone or email.

Or watch this video of Label Technology making pouches!