The Equipment That Makes Packaging Solutions Happen

The flexible packaging and pressure sensitive label solutions and the leading-edge equipment we have here at LTI make us very proud. However, we realize the nitty, gritty details may be too much information for some. So, we invite you to pick and choose how much detail you need.

High Level Equipment Capabilities

Our climate controlled pressrooms house flexographic printing presses from 10 to 42 inches wide with 10-color capability, die cutting and laminating. Specifically, everything you need for turnkey flexible packaging solutions.

Packaging Solutions
and the Nitty Gritty Details

  • 9 presses in web widths from 10 to 42 inches with up to 10 print stations
  • Gearless servo repeats available on 21 and 26 inches
  • Silkscreen available on 17-inch press
  • High definition printing
  • 5-point type printable on most film structures
  • 4-point type printable on most paper structures
  • Environmentally friendly water-based inks and custom match colors
  • High impact pearlescent and metallic inks
  • Intense blacks; very opaque water-base, UV, and silkscreen whites and metallics
  • Automated ink dispensing system and spectrophotometer-based color matching
  • Gloss, satin and matte lacquer combinations in water-based and UV formulations
  • Double lacquer formulations standard for cosmetic web applications
  • Over-laminations available in gloss clear and matte film layers

flexible packaging solutions machines

High Level Capabilities

Get a custom laminated flexible packaging solution for your project that provides a structure with excellent oxygen, moisture, and aroma barriers as well as outstanding functional performance, while using environmentally responsible water-based and solvent free adhesives.

Packaging Solutions and the Nitty Gritty Details

  • Two on site laminators can produce multi-layer film structures up to 42 inches wide.
  • Use environmentally responsible water-based and solvent free adhesives.
  • Wide range of base materials inventoried on our floor including recyclable, compostable, & biodegradable films.
  • Pattern cold seal adhesives.
  • In-house research and development capabilities to meet even the most challenging applications

flexible packaging solutions production

Pumped Up About Pouches

After printing and laminating, our state-of-the-art pouch machines can produce an array of pouch types including side seal, bottom seal, gusseted and zippered. Our quality procedures ensure your pouches have the necessary high barrier properties required to keep your products fresh.

Packaging Solutions
and the Nitty Gritty Details

  • Two High-Volume Pouch Making Systems
  • Short and Long Runs Produced Completely In-House
  • Clear, Metallized, High Barrier & Environmentally Friendly Pouches
  • Optional Gussets, Zippers, Tear Notches, & Hanger Holes

Flexible Packaging Solutions Prepress

Proof to Press Perfection

Our prepress department is ready to assist you every step of the way by preparing your files for production to create maximum impact from your artwork. Process characterization ensures production of predictable, consistent high quality graphic images and accurate color match from proof to press.

Packaging Solutions
and the Nitty Gritty Details

  • Complete in-house electronic prepress services utilizing the latest technologies in digital comps & proofs
  • In-house production of printing plates
  • Pre-production loose colors and press proofs