Bars Wraps are Booming

You’re busy and you’re hungry. If you’re like millions of Americans, you don’t always have the time or the energy to prepare and pack a homemade snack to fuel your hectic lifestyle. Instead, you might rely on quick, ready-to-eat [...]

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5 Reasons to Consider a Bar Wrap Redesign.

Changing your package design is a decision not to be taken lightly. Here are some areas you might want to consider before moving forward with a redesign.  Ingredient change. You will have changes to your packaging with a formula [...]

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Corporations Dominate Natural Foods Market

Watch any current show about Los Angeles, and you’re bound to hear jokes about what people eat. Instead of a burger, someone might order a vegan, soy-free, organic bean patty — hold the bun — with a side of emulsified organic [...]

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Attention-grabbing Packaging

No matter how you wrap it, product packaging is an integral part of our daily lives, affecting everything from the choices we make at the store to the ways we groom, feed, clothe, and entertain ourselves. Packaging is so [...]

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Packaging as Advertising

Advertising is a massive industry. This year, companies are projected to spend an estimated $231.81 billion in media ads to extend the reach of their products and amplify their brand recognition, according to Statista. That number can be alarming [...]

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Flexible Packaging – Switch for Savings!

Are you still packaging your products in heavy bottles and cans? Traditional packaging is so 2018. This year, join thousands of brands in saying “goodbye” to more rigid forms of packaging and “hello” to flexible packaging, like stand-up pouches, [...]

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Myth Buster: The only good plastic is no plastic.

Two decades ago, the pop group Aqua released their first massive single, “Barbie Girl,” in which they proclaimed, “Life in plastic, it’s fantastic.” And, back then, it kind of was. However, as environmentalists started conducting more research on plastic [...]

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Packaging for Private Label Products

The word “private” is often used in marketing to suggest some sort of exclusivity and mystery. Private clubs open their doors only for the most intriguing and influential people, while private pilates classes ensure that the instructor’s focus will [...]

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