Keep Your Bars Fresh & Tasty!

No matter what your bar is made of, Label Technology has the best bar wrap packaging that is tailored to fit all your requirements.

We pride ourselves with more than 30 years of experience in delivering cutting-edge packaging solutions.

What bar wrap materials do you prefer?

Granola Bars

The extremely competitive granola bar market is constantly growing! Give your granola bar the punch it deserves to overshadow competitors on overcrowded shelves

Performance Bars

Use your performance bar packaging to put front-and-center why it is the athlete’s choice. It will grab their attention and end up in their shopping carts.

Nutritional Bars

Your nutritional bar is NOT a candy bar.  Make sure your packaging communicates key information about ingredients, benefits, and your brand on the packaging.

Energy Bars

Energy bars have become a convenient, go-to snack for people on the go. Use your packaging for your energy bar to make them want to put it in their backpack!

Candy Bars

Many varieties of candy bars exist, and many are mass-produced. Packaging is one of the greatest marketing tools at your disposal. Make sure you have fun with it!

Diet Bars

What is proper dieting? Should one have a diet bar? Grasp the opportunity and use your diet bar’s packaging to convince your customers that your bar is exactly what they need.

Our Pledges

Our primary goal is to build strong partnerships with our customers by fully understanding their needs and creating winning cost-effective solutions derived from our 30 years of experience.

This makes us very aware of how critical our role is in your product’s performance on the shelves therefore we pledge that:

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What bar wrap materials do you prefer?

Chocolate, granola, or coconut cream… no matter what your bar is made of, we’ll wrap it with specialized materials to always keep it fresh and tasty, while enticing customers to grab one on the go.

What Our Clients Say

Here are a few words from our clients about the work we do.

We’ve been doing business with Label Technology since early 2002. Their print quality is exceptional and the staff very knowledgeable. Their turnaround time is fast and they are very flexible and work with us when we have a rush project. They also have the expertise to suggest packaging structures that you may not have considered. Acupac is grateful to have a vendor like Label Technology!

Monica Suazo, Acupac Packaging

I’ve been doing business with Label Technology for more than 25 years. They understand the business & it shows through their workmanship order after order.

Good quality & good people…makes my job a lot easier.

Eric Christian, CPM, Diestel Turkey

The overall experience with Label Technology was exceptional. Their responses were always prompt and their willingness to work with our challenging timelines was great. We also appreciated the direct communication with the design team to work out what could have been a challenge with our logo. They were honest, straight forward, and made sure we knew exactly what to expect.

They never overpromised… but certainly delivered a quality product to us in less time than expected. Thank you!

Brittani Datu, Nutrient Foods

Bar Wrap Packaging Made from Compostable Materials

Well-designed packaging takes into account the overall lifecycle impact including avoiding waste of the product itself. A sustainable package could be defi­ned as one with the lowest environmental impact that still provides the functionality and performance required to market the product within.

Our bar wraps are also more sustainable than many other packaging options on the market, which is a huge plus for consumers striving to reduce their carbon footprints and improve upon their recycling habits.

With Label Technology’s TERRAIN™ family of products you now can provide a brandable, sustainable packaging solution while protecting your product within. Made from all certi­fied compostable materials, the cellulose-based ­films are sourced from sustainable wood pulp harvested from managed plantations.

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  • Creative and innovative flexible packaging constructions produced in our plants with the latest materials, coatings, and laminating technologies
  • Paper, film, and multi-layer substrates available

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